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In addition, in rare cases, the credit card company may automatically misjudge it as fraudulent use. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact your credit card company to let us know that you are unable to make the payment. Most cases are unlockable.

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Toll-free support phone number: 0120-930-820 (Reception hours: 10:00-18:00)
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If you register your e-mail address and mobile phone number with Shop Pay, which is very convenient to store customer information and card numbers safely and use them again, a 6-digit shop will be sent to your e-mail address and mobile phone number the next time you make a purchase. You can easily pay by simply entering the pay code (SMS authentication) without re-entering the delivery address or credit card information.

You can also check the details on the Shop Pay official website.

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This system does not store card numbers for security reasons. Please enter it every time.

If you use the system called "Express Checkout Shop Pay" that appears when you shop, you can safely store and use the card number along with the delivery address and orderer information. It is very convenient because it can be used at other shops that use Shop Pay.

You can also check the details on the Shop Pay official website.

Check Shop Pay on the official website (external site)

Yes, it is available!

There is a setting for "receipt" desired in the purchase procedure flow, so please specify there. You can also specify the address, proviso, etc.

You can choose to have it mailed to you, bundled with the product, or sent as a PDF.

* For deferred payment services such as ATONE and Paidy, the receipt at a convenience store or financial institution will serve as a receipt, so it cannot be issued. If you absolutely need a separate receipt, please contact us after payment is complete.

Rest assured! ! (^-^) v

Reason for peace of mind 1. - Abundant experience in mail-order meat

We have been doing mail order using rail freight since before home delivery was available. Of course, there have been failures over the years. Each time, we found a solution, and now there are almost no accidents.
History of our shop's mail order

Reason for peace of mind 2. - It's fresh because it's sliced ​​on the day it's shipped! !

At our store, we slice the meat on the day it is shipped so that it is delivered to our customers in a fresh state.

Reason for peace of mind 3. - Perfect after-sales follow-up

In the unlikely event of an accident, damage, or wrong product, please contact us immediately. We will promptly take action such as resending a new product or refunding you. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any concerns, even if they are trivial.

yes. I will put it on.


It is free of charge. There is an entry field in the order form. Please tell us.

About Tatsuya's Noshi Service

message card

A separate fee of 162 yen (including tax) is available.
There is an entry field in the order form. Please use it. (This is a Kobe landscape card)

There is a possibility that it has become "junk mail".

We will respond to all orders and inquiries within 1 business day.

All staff will check emails and orders and will respond as soon as possible. If you do not receive an email within 1 business day, please check your spam folder first! !

Please be careful especially if you are using a free email.

Emails from Tatsuya often end up in the spam folder by mistake. It seems that it may not even enter the spam folder and may be deleted.

If you are using a mobile phone, please check your reception settings.

Please check whether the setting is set to reject all emails other than mobile phones. In that case, please cancel it temporarily or set it to allow emails from "kobebeef.co.jp".

If you still don't hear from me...

We reply to all orders within 1 business day, so if you do not receive an email, please check your junk mail and if not, please feel free to call us!

TEL: 0120-930-820 Monday-Saturday 10:00-18:00 (Closed on Sundays and public holidays)

It is possible until the day before shipping.

Please contact us first for sudden changes or cancellations.

Basically, we will make it until the day before the shipping date, but if there is a sudden change or cancellation due to unavoidable reasons even on the shipping date, please contact us.

No cancellation fee will be charged.

No payment will be made even if it is unavoidably canceled suddenly. However, if you wish to cancel or change the product or delivery date, please do so at least one day before the shipping date.

It changes depending on the payment method.

Cash on delivery, deferred payment, credit card

Usually, if your order is completed in the morning, it will be shipped the same day . (If it falls on a Sunday or holiday, it will be shipped the next business day.)
*During busy periods such as the mid-year and year-end holidays, it may be shipped the next day. Thank you for your understanding.

Postal transfer/bank transfer payment in advance

It will be shipped after payment is confirmed . Payment confirmation in the morning → shipping on the day.
*During busy periods such as the mid-year and year-end holidays, it may be shipped the next day. Thank you for your understanding.
*For postal transfers , it takes about 2 to 4 days to confirm.
If you are in a hurry, please fax the transfer receipt to [078-331-3082].
Number of days required for delivery by region

Most areas can be delivered on the next day after shipping , but depending on the area, it may not be possible to specify the day after next or the delivery time. We will contact you if we are unable to meet your request.

It depends on the content and type.

paper box

Beef croquette: Delivered in a paper box. (Please see the product page for packaging details.)

If the order is delivered to the customer's home and the gift is delivered by hand

Please select "For gifts" when ordering. The item will be double-wrapped and comes with a carrying bag so that it can be delivered as-is. ( Packing charges and bag charges are free .)
*For platters or miso pickles, we will provide a furoshiki or other suitable item depending on the shape and size.

Last year we were open until New Year's Eve and delivered from the 5th.

End of the year: Open until December 31st

We also accept deliveries on New Year's Day. Please take advantage of it for new year's day.
We stop accepting orders around December 28th every year. As soon as possible!

New Year's Day: We are open from January 5th every year.

Regarding delivery

Nationwide uniform 880 yen (tax included)

Free for orders over 8,640 yen! *All charges apply for each destination. *There is no additional charge for remote areas or remote islands.

Rest assured! ! (^-^)v

We check daily until delivery is complete.

After shipment by safe Kuroneko Yamato Cool Express, we check every day until delivery is completed.
If you are not here, first check with Yamato Transport if the recipient has requested redelivery. If we do not hear from you within 3 days after shipment, we will switch from "refrigerated" to "frozen" to maintain freshness.

If we know that you have been away for a month or more, we will send you a new product after confirming the date you are at home.
(No additional charges will be incurred.)

We will exchange it for a new product or refund your money.

Please contact us immediately by contacting us or by phone.

Contact point for complaints and consultations
TEL: 0120-930-820 (regular holidays: Sundays and public holidays)
  • Person in charge: Shinichi Tatsumi
  • Business hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Yes. It is possible. Let us know in the remarks column!

Normally, our meat is cut on the day it is shipped and delivered "refrigerated delivery", but we also accept "frozen delivery" for customers who wish. Please specify in the remarks column.

If it is refrigerated, the expiration date is 4 days from the date of shipment, but if it is frozen, it will be 2 weeks.

We also accept vacuum packs for steaks and blocks, so please specify in the remarks column.

Cannot be shipped overseas. m (_ _) m

I'm sorry. We do not accept it.

When importing and exporting meat overseas, there are various non-tariff barriers, and the conditions for importing and exporting vary depending on the destination country and the outbreak of animal diseases at that time.
It is almost impossible to export meat on a small scale, so we do not accept overseas shipments.
About overseas shipment of meat

About the product

In most cases, the sticking part did not come into contact with oxygen and did not develop color, so there is no problem with the quality.

About discoloration of meat

There are various cases, but there are two main reasons.
1. Areas not exposed to oxygen do not turn red
2. Temperature control trouble during transportation

[About 1]
We always slice the meat on the day it is shipped, so we are confident in our quality control.
We are delivering it.
Beef is originally a reddish-black red bean color , but when it comes into contact with oxygen,
The beef will oxidize and turn red for the first time.

Therefore, if the meat overlaps and there is a part that does not come into contact with oxygen, it will still be there when the package is opened.
A black part may remain.
(The freshly sliced ​​chunks of meat are still dark red.)
By exposing it to oxygen, it will turn red in 10 to 20 minutes.
In this case, there is no problem with quality at all.

[About 2]
However, if the surface that is exposed to oxygen is darkened, the
There may also be a temperature control problem.
For example, if there is a problem with the temperature control of the refrigerator during transportation and it is not cold, the cold insulation material will melt,
Sometimes it is bent slightly. (usually frozen flat)
In this case, please do not hesitate to contact us. I would like to send the item again.

Click here for details → Tatsuya blog "Discoloration of meat"

yes. We accept.

Most combinations are cheap. (^-^) v

Please feel free to contact us and place an order.

  • A combination of steak only ⇒ Please order at least 3 pieces in total.
  • Other combinations ⇒ Please use a total of 500g or more. (100g units)

Not for sale. m (_ _) m

I'm sorry. Currently not available.

There is no such thing as Kobe beef tongue tail. Kobe beef is graded and certified after being processed.

There is no such thing as tongue and tail, skirt steak, tsurami, and offal in Kobe beef by definition.

No handling of hormones. m (_ _) m

I'm sorry. We are a beef butcher specialty store.

Unlike meat, we do not sell hormones.

Small quantity sales are accepted as follows.

Sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, yakiniku: 400g to 100g units

Steak: from 2 pieces

Croquettes ... We accept orders from 10 pieces.

About the store

There is only one store in Motomachi, Kobe.

Please stop by when you are in the area.

Shop information

In addition, we regularly hold special event sales at department stores nationwide. Please see the blog announcement for the event

Information on special events


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